About us — Свадебный фотограф и видеограф Минск


Мы фотограф Елена Швайко и видеограф Салим Алиев.

Снимаем свадьбы с 2014 года. За эти годы мы стали ведущими авторами в Беларуси, входим в ТОП3 лучших видеографов Беларуси по версии The Worldwide Event Videographers Association, являемся победителями и официальным выбором квартальных конкурсов международной премии Golden Heart Awards 2019, финалистами и призерами в номинациях «Лучший видеограф», «Лучший видеооператор», «Лучший видеомонтажёр», «Лучший колорист» WEVA Award 2018 Беларусь.

About us — Свадебный фотограф и видеограф Минск

Our own style is a mixture of beautiful classic staged shots and lively emotional reporting moments of your day. 99% of couples that we meet at the first meeting repeat the same words «we don’t have experience in posing». Our main task is to create the correct calculated production shots when it is required, and at the same time, we try not to interfere with the process during the reporting shooting. If you do not notice us nearby, then it means that everything is the way it should be. Our ideology: creating unique non-template emotional films about people so that to show real life experience, real story. There are no patterns. There is only an individual approach to each couple.

We use one of the best sets of photo, video, aerial photography, lighting and sound equipment in Belarus, our material is impeccable quality. We are engaged in the editing of films together, we do not make video «for some common wedding tracks», each film is an individual selection of music, sound design, thoughtful history, the use of transitions, effects, etc. We pay special attention to color. You get not only photos in our unique retouch, but also video. We paint each fragment of our movies by hand.

We are also professional wedding video editors. Top videographers from Russia and Europe entrust us with the editing of their wedding films, which confirms the high quality of our work.